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COVID 19 Alert – to keep our patients and team safe, Mole Screen clinics are on hold until further notice. These services will resume when it is safe to do so.

Dr Michael Morrison
Adv. Cert. Dermoscopy (distinction).
Cert. Skin Cancer Surg. & Medicine.

Full Body Mole Check Clinic in St Albans, Christchurch
The Mole Screen service is provided by Dr Michael Morrison, an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor with the Skin Cancer College Australasia. Dr Morrison has post grad qualification with distinction in advanced dermoscopy and 10+ yrs experience in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer.

About Dermoscopy
Dermoscopy is the main technology used by mole screening services. Strong polarised light under magnification allows for inspection of skin lesions deep into the skin, unobstructed by skin surface light reflections. It can detect cancerous changes earlier than ‘naked eye’ examination and helps to avoid unnecessary removal of harmless lesions.

What the consult covers
The 30 minute consult includes risk assessment, comprehensive head to toe inspection and dermoscopy (down to underwear, chaperone available), fundoscopy (inspection of back of eye), advice on prevention, early detection and discussion of skin lesion management options as required.  On the spot cryotherapy is offered where indicated.

Skin exam using dermoscopic technology


  • Adult dermoscopic skin examination = $180
  • Under 18 years old = $90

Additional services

  • Short Term Digital Monitoring is available for  tracking selected lower concern lesions (no extra charge)
  • Cryotherapy treatment to selected sun damage lesions (no extra charge)
  • Medical and surgical treatments are available on site (extra charge) or referral arranged. Most health insurers cover treatment costs but not the initial screening examination.

Arranging an appointment

Contact us to request a Mole Screen appointment 

Casual and self-referred patients are welcome. A report is sent to your GP.