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Are you at risk?

New Zealand has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, so it’s important to regularly have your skin checked by a qualified professional. Mole Screen makes it as easy as possible to have any issues with your skin identified quickly, and can often provide treatment straight away. Find out more

Important risk factors

  • age
  • skin colour
  • eye / hair colour
  • number of moles
  • types of moles
  • UV exposure
  • family history of skin cancer
  • taking immunosuppressant medication
  • gender (men are at greater risk than women)

Early detection is key to fast, effective skin cancer removal

Based at St Albans Medical Centre, Mole Screen uses expertise in dermoscopy and the latest mole screening technologies including total body photography and artificial intelligence tools to detect potentially harmful moles and skin lesions before they can be easily seen. Read More

Services and Costs

Each 30 minute consultation includes:

  • comprehensive head to toe inspection and dermoscopy by a skin cancer doctor,
  • fundoscopy (inspection of back of eye),
  • a risk assessment,
  • individualised advice on skin cancer prevention and early detection,
  • discussion of skin lesion management options as required,
  • selected digital short term monitoring of low concern lesions
  • on the spot cryotherapy (freeze treatment) to remove superficial skin lesions as required.
  • optional Total Body Photography / Mole Matching


Full body Mole Screen examination
+ cryotherapy + selected digital imaging if required
Adult $180
Youth $90
Mole Screen examination as above
+ Total Body Photography / Mole Matching.
Adult $250
Access to MoleScope app for your skin lesion recordFree

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